Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

We kept things pretty low key around here for Valentine's Day. I did manage to make Ella a new shirt for the occasion. It matched the skirt I made for her Minnie Mouse outfit.

She requested that I make her hair look like a heart. Thank you, internet, for showing me a picture to copy. She loved her hair!

There was, of course, the preschool Valentine Party complete with passing out valentines. Ella decided she wanted to make froggy valentines and even came up with the tag line, "You make my heart hop, hop, hop!" all by herself. I was happy to design a simplistic valentine to make her "vision" a reality. She colored them and glued a chocolate heart on each one. 

I forgot to get a picture with my girl at school, so we did it ourselves when we got home. 

Here's what Henry did during the party. Loving his smiles!

When Blair got home from work, he had a pot of roses for Ella and me. She adored them and carried them around from room to room. At bedtime, she decided to make herself a bed on the floor and put her roses from daddy right next to her pillow. I think she felt the love!
We hope you all felt the love, too! Happy Valentine's Day!

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