Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family Reunion Part 2

There were plenty of fun activities at the family reunion. We had a bunch of 4-wheelers that we could take out to see the beautiful scenery.

We also had a family auction to raise money for the next reunion in a couple of years. People donated items or services for sale and anyone in the family could bid. Here's my brother playing auctioneer and sporting a punch bowl and plastic necklaces for sale. The reflection in the bowl shows most of the family. For the auction I made a bunch of glass bead jewelry and also donated 5 dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies and a photo session.
We also saw some pretty sunsets and enjoyed the campfire each night.
There was, of course, the option to hike.
Ella sure got a kick out of that outing.
Next post: Ella meets wildflowers

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Reunion Part 1

Blair and I took off for a couple of weeks to attend my family reunion and spend some time with my family in Idaho. It was a great trip and the family reunion was a lot of fun. We went to our family cabin near Lava Hot Springs for three days of camping, log splitting, 4-wheeling, eating, and letting the kids be dirty. Here are a few pictures.

Enjoying the campfire right before we put Ella to bed
My manly lumberjack
Just a few of the 20 grandchildren...Ella is playing in the exersaucer
Ella discovered olives...and she loves to put them on her fingers as she eats them.
I wasn't lying when I said we let the kids be dirty...but we tried not to let them eat the dirt.
Ella loved her cousin, Jacob. She thought he was her own personal baby and loved to give him hugs and kisses.
Ella also adores girls around the ages of 9-12 so whenever she spotted Emmy, she reached her hands out and begged to be held.
More pictures to come!