Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Henry at 7 Months

I know the typical time to update pictures and facts about a growing baby is at 6 months. However, when Henry turned 6 months old, we were driving across the country in an RV with all of our earthly possessions hauled behind us in a trailer. Six month pictures were not about to happen until we got settled! So...I took 7 month pictures instead. Here is the update on Henry from about 6 weeks ago.

At 7 months Henry:
~Has two teeth on the bottom and three starting to come in on top
~Sits up without assistance
~Loves balancing on his toes and hands with his head down
~Made his first crawling movements!
~Sleeps through most nights
~Looks for big sister when he first wakes up and gives her huge grins when he sees her each morning
~Is enjoying exploring new foods
~Shows a lot of curiosity and interest in the world around him
~Has a wide array of facial expression that keep us entertained
~Is using the potty in his daily routine (yes, this crazy mama is doing it again...)

Here are a few more favorite pictures:
Henry first crawled while I was taking these pictures!

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SO adorable!! I love the pics!