Thursday, April 29, 2010

Get Movin'


Greetings from Sunny Florida!

After spending January frantically searching for a place to live, packing our house, and visiting with friends and family, our big move started on the first day of February. Blair and his dad drove our moving truck across the country while Ella and I bunked with family in AZ. Then at the end of the week Ella and I flew out to FL where Blair picked us up and took us back to our mostly empty new apartment. The next day some members of our church congregation arrived to help us finish unloading the truck. Everything went amazingly well considering the length of the drive and the timing involved. Ella was even delightful during our flights!

We've settled in pretty well now and Ella is really well adjusted. We like our apartment and Blair enjoys his job. Of course there are some things that we haven't gotten used to (and we may not ever) but we're remembering to be grateful that Blair was able to find a job in his field when cut backs and hiring freezes are occurring around every corner.

The picture at the beginning of this post shows Ella in our 'backyard' in mid-March. We have a screened patio that opens onto a common grassy area along a canal. It's nice to look out at the water and see different kinds of birds. Ella really enjoys going outside, too, so it's great that we have easy access to a grassy area. We've also been enjoying beautiful weather and Ella re-discovered the pool this week. I have a feeling that we'll visit plenty of pools and beaches this summer for her entertainment! Okay, and ours, too...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Double Trouble Strikes Again

My long-time friend came for a quick visit from Vegas before we moved to Florida. Her babies are close in age to Ella and they had a fun time together. Here are a pictures from their visit:
These baby blues are doctoring here
Little boys actually do eat dirt...and mud...and grass...and...
Bath time!
Even babies dread the customary group least they're all looking in the same general direction
Closing your eyes too soon for that first kiss could cause an embarrassing chin kiss. Don't take it too hard, Adam. There's still plenty of time to win her over.
During the trip we hung out at our house, went to the park, grilled some delicious ribs, and generally just relaxed. It was a very short whirlwind trip, but we're so glad they came.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Adventures in Colorado

Still playing catch-up...

In January Blair and I decided we should take a trip to Colorado to visit Blair's sister, Charlotte. At her house there are lots of kids, lots of toys, lots of shoes, and a swing hanging from the ceiling in the family room. Ella had a blast. She also loved playing in the snow (and sucking on a snow ball) and has been asking for "no" ever since that trip.

While there I also took some pictures for this cute couple...they tied the knot a couple of weeks ago and you can see more engagement pictures of them here.