Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Little Dream of Mine...

Last Sunday during our little photography walk, we went down to snap a picture of my favorite house on our street. I passed by this place every day on my way to work last summer, and will do so again this summer. It always looks absolutely immaculate. It's bigger than it looks--it goes back further, and there is a separate garage and apartment in the back.

When we took this photo, I saw someone at the house for the first time. A woman came around the side of the house. I asked her if it was okay if we took a picture. She said that was fine and that the owner would be flattered. We got to talking and she told us a little more about the owner. Turns out he owns the two homes next to this one, as well as a vacant lot on the corner that he maintains--its just grass and a few trees. He has apparently lived in Provo all his life, and he bought these properties to preserve them, to prevent them from being turned into (ugly) apartment complexes. He allows people in the neighborhood to use the vacant lot on the c
orner as a park.

Needless to say, I was very much impressed. If there is anything that I dislike about this area, it is the lack of appreciation for, and preservation of older architecture. I think it is fantastic that this man has taken the responsibility upon himself to preserve a little bit of history. The only sad part about it is that he doesn't rent them out, and no one lives in them all. He only maintains them. These homes shouldn't just be admired from the outside, they should be occupied by people who appreciate them.

A couple years ago someone asked me what I meant when I said that I wanted to own a home with character. This is what I meant. This is no cookie-cutter, same-as-everyone-else's-home, modern-suburban-monstrosity. This is an individual work of art. While it may not be nearly as big as most modern homes (in fact, the first reaction from one person whom I showed this picture to was "it's kinda small."), I would much rather own this than any home that I have visited in the last several years. It hearkens back to the time when it was okay for a child to share a bedroom, and completely normal to have the entire family spend their leisure time in the same room. If this place is too small, then I have too much stuff.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Last Sunday we finally had some gorgeous weather. The sky was clear and blue and the temperature outside could not have been more perfect for taking a walk to the park. Blair and I took the new camera out for a spin. On the way back to our apartment we found this giant pile of ants. Amazing, huh?

Sunday, April 13, 2008


As Kate mentioned, I gave her an early birthday present last week--a new digital camera. Hilarity ensued:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dream Come True

I have the best husband! He caught me off guard two days ago and completely surprised me. I’ll explain, but first here’s a little background.

There was a time in my life when I was a photographic purist. I didn’t really believe digital photography was the way to go. It’s too easy to manipulate images into something that never existed. Film was my choice. It captures real images; it records the truth of the moment and leaves little room for altering reality. I was dedicated to the cause. And then the money started talking. Digital cameras have become more affordable and with the technology there is no need to constantly buy film or pay for processing. So my idealist side quieted down and my practical side started dreaming of a digital SLR to call my very own.

Two days ago Blair made that dream come true. I left our family room for a few minutes and when I returned there was a beautiful little camera sitting on our coffee table with a ribbon tied around it. Blair was sitting there grinning and simply said, “happy early birthday!” I can’t lie and say I was surprised to get it; we had discussed buying a nicer camera before our baby comes and even decided it would count for my birthday present. What I didn’t expect was to get it so soon! I was completely surprised!

Blair spent hours questioning and researching to find just the right kind of camera to fit our needs. It’s nice enough to appeal to the photographer in me but affordable enough for our pocketbook. It can be fully automatic or fully manual or anything in between and it has tons of great features. The best part is how happy Blair looked when he gave it to me. He said he just couldn’t wait until my birthday and had to give it to me early. I got a little thrill when he said, “that looks right in your hands.” He is a better husband than I deserve. How did I get so lucky?